Last week, I’ve finished my first presentation during MA course. I introduced the pioneers of ┬áChinese animation, who are Wan brothers. Their names are Laiming Wan, Guchan Wan, Chaochen Wan and Dihuan Wan. This picture shows Guchan Wan was trying to make his animation that titled Pigsy eats watermelon.

This is Laiming Wan who was pioneered the Chinese animation industry, he was the first animator of China. The Wan brothers were born in the early 20th century in Nanjing of China. They started creating animations after seeing some of American animations. They made the first animated advertisement, the first short film, short animation, animation with sound and animated film. They created many first in the field of animation for China. Their most known works are “Princess Iron Fan” and “Havoc in Heaven“.

Here is the first animation with sound of China that named “Princess Iron Fan”