It became a reality in 1961 when Laiming Wan and Guchan Wan finally had an opportunity to work on the 1st part of the animation film “Havoc in Heaven”. From 1961 to 1964, the 4 Wan brothers were getting together to make this film. But due to the culture repression during China’s 10 years long Great Cultural Revolution, the second part didn’t premiere until 1978.There were another reason that the investors didn’t withdraw money, they wanted to sell the animation materials and tools instead of using them. Because the price of them went up for many times than they used to be. In 1954, Laiming Wan went to Hong Kong to find some investor for his dream animation,but he failed. Sun Wukong , which we also called him Monkey King, was Laiming Wan’s favorite character of Chinese novels.Finally, Wan brothers made Sun Wukong, the main character of this film,alive on the big screen. It made Laiming Wan’s decades dream come true. Also it won many awards. For example, the Outstanding ¬†Award of the same year at 21st International London Film Festival.