Today I went to the Dairy Art Centre to see Yoshitomo Nara’s show. He is one of Japan’s most successful living artists.He is the pied piper of a strange and unusual playground in which his coterie of wide-eyed little girls stare out at the viewer from the softly applied pigment on his canvasses. 



It’s the first time that I see the art work of Yoshitomo Nara.  These cultural influences range from Japanese manga and Western painting practice to his signature themes, like folk and rock music. 





Before  I saw his art work, actually I have no idea why this little girl in his painting is so famous. When I was standing in front  of those wonderful work, I got the reason. The details of his paintings impressed me a lot.  His paintings are diligently layered with luminescent coulour. He made each textured brushtroke and gesture visible.

IMG_1547His rent work on display and the vast number of works on paper which give insight into Nara’s working methods. Nara’s art long represented children’s imaginations, adult problems, and our rebellion against the modern world.