I talk to my friends with my story, they love it. But, they are not very satisfied with the developing of my story line. After our brain storm, we figure out the best way to tell the new story of Alfredo. I‘m gonna use flashback scenes to tell the story.

And I get the feedback from last Pitch. If my audience haven’t watched La Travita, they gonna have no idea about what I am talking about. People don’t know the original story, they still can’t understand my story. I also put so many picture and sentences on each page, since we only have 2 minutes. I have changed these things, snd got the 2nd version pitch.

He knows everything-1

He knows everything-2

He knows everything-3

He knows everything-4

He knows everything-5

He knows everything-6

He knows everything-7

He knows everything-8

He knows everything-9

He knows everything-10

He knows everything-11

He knows everything-12

He knows everything-13

He knows everything-14

He knows everything-15

He knows everything-16

He knows everything-17

He knows everything-18

He knows everything-19

He knows everything-20

He knows everything-21

He knows everything-22

He knows everything-23