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For the Camera and Lighting lessons, Francesca and me prepared a small scene before our class.



When we arrived at studio, I found there was a great scene. I didn’t know who did this, maybe someone who had this class one day before us. I love it very much! Actually , our scene is too small, we should make a bigger one.
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Maxim is a very experienced lighting camera man. He showde us his work,even he wasn’t an animator, his stop-motion short film was amazing. He taught us use different light sauce we can get pictures in different colour, and also the different temperature, the distance of view and so on. Setting up lights is not only the most time-consuming task in film shoots,but also in animation. It is therefore good practice to shoot a scene in such a way as to minimize the need to relocate lights – in other words, shoot in the order of the lighting set-ups. I need to develop my lighting technique in future study.