Before I started to think about my final project, I was confused about a lot of things.

At that time I had so many questions that I didn’t know the answer. Then I wrote them down in my diary.

Why there are some people couldn’t be touched by moving story? Why the love always disappear at the end of a relationship?

Shouldn’t we help the people who really need our hands? Why more and more people can’t give or receive love?

People avoid or pretend to be intimacy with each other. In fact, they’re uncaring, cold, selfish and insensitive.

They don’t trust others.

I decided to find the answer of those questions.



Then I did some research, I found it seems like a kind of mental illness, which named emotionally unavailable. “Emotionally unavailable” is a kind of Psychological disorders, it means lacking the ability to give love to people or have trouble developing and maintaining relationships. Maybe because the love they have never received.

I realize Love is the keyword of the whole thing, people are becoming unable to love. So those people could be called love disabled. I realize Love is the keyword of the whole thing, people are becoming unable to love. So those people could be called love disabled. The love is not only the relationship between lovers, but also the emotion of families, friends, strangers and so on. But from my research I found that many of those similar disease patients couldn’t be cured, it was different from my idea. For me, Love Disabled, it means people who have lost the ability of giving and receiving love, but they could get back to normal after some help. It just like people with physical disabilities, their life could be changed, they could live normal lives.


Next, I think I have already recorded some stories and some information of different symptoms. Maybe I can combine all of these in my story, then focus on one character.  At the same time, I know my character who has lacked ability to give people love, and he always being cold, selfish, uncaring and unemotional.




Then I began to think he should goes out with a mask every day, it can makes him avoid communicating with others. After that, I got this, the 1st look of my character.



Then I think the most important thing is coming up with an original story. This reminds me of a movie I had ever seen, which is called Paper Heart. In the form of a pseudo-documentary film, it tells a story about a girl who’s holding a microphone to interview others. She asks people many questions about love, they give her so many good answers. Fortunately, at the end of the movie she found her true love. I also hope that my story could have a happy ending, my character would become lovable. Then I watched the movie that named Lars and the real girl again, because I feel that my character and LARS has some similarities. They both are frightened to communicate with others. But I could feel that people in this film express the instinctive kindness they show to those they love, it has inspired me a lot and as well as the soundtrack. Actually, I didn’t find the right direction of my story until I looked the movie that named Boxtroll. At the end of this animation, the boxtroll take off their boxes bravely, this inspired me, maybe my story should be like this. There is something emergency or some big changes happen in the character’s life, it would make him different, he need to take off his mask.


Then I thought of an accidental fire, he won’t take off her mask, so there need someone else to help him off.


Then I drew a storyboard.


But when I was developing the story, I always asked to answer why there was a fire accident happens. And what does the character look like? Is this a mask or his real face? I need a shot to tell audience, this pink hood is his mask. So my story has been constantly developing, I hope I can make it clearly.


Because before I always like to do some color cut-out animation, this time the final project I made my decision to make a 2-D hand-drawn animate. Pink ,black and white is the main colour. One of my favorite movie is Persepolis, it is a very simple style black and white animation. Then I did some research for the style of my final project. In addition to animation, I found a lot of black and white photography.




It is worth mentioning that Jim Mortra’s work impressed me, with the majority of his images black and white, he relies on facial expression, texture, tone and angle to make them work so brilliantly. He doesn’t simply photography his subjects and just leave, he gets to know them, his subjects, they are suffering with poverty to self-harm and mental illness. I wish I could not only use black and white to create different spaces, but also conveys a sense of sadness or may be loneliness. I want to use animation to convey feelings.




Then I drew some black and white pictures as experiments, they might be the background of my final project.


Talking about the character design, my initial idea was to use the most simple lines to show people’s facial features. I found some artists’ work to do the research and reference.


Then I used my own way to draw a lot of different people, and it would be able for me to pick some of which appear in my movie.


This is the first look of my character, but I was not happy with it. After modified many times I got the final version. This process seemed like doing a cosmetic surgery for him, and finally I gave him a three-dimensional face.


This is the final look of all the charaters.


I also try to use after effects to make expression, It’s my first time to do so. It’s very hard to do, but I’m willing to try.


I also try to use after effects to make expression, It’s my first time to do so. It’s very hard to do, but I’m willing to try.


There is a shot , everyone is crying but the main character is drinking orange juice, so I did some research about the crying faces. I download different pictures from Internet, then I drew some sketches.


That’s the final look of each audience.


I got much inspiration from Perseplis, it used simple lines and colors to show different scenes. I also see some black and white photographs, I went to study how to use of contrast in black and white to represent different space.



At first I will start from the sketch, then I use different colors to fill in, and add texture in some places needed. There was black silhouette of each subject in the background at beginning of my scene design, but then I erased them, I redrawn most of the background.


I also tried to use a different camera angles to show the same scene


I need a shot to show people are all running but the character just standing in the middle of the scene. It always challenge me to draw the movements of walk cycle. So I draw a close-up shot focus on their feet. There are so many walk cycle key frames I find from the internet, they become my reference.


My music partner gave two different versions of music for me to choose. One of them is a sad piano song, another one is jazz music. I truly feel the sadness when I am listening to the piano song, but I do not want my movie has a very heavy tone.   So I wish to put these two versions of music in my movie. Since Wan is very busy recently, the music you just heard is not the final version. He still need time to change some parts of it, and send the final version to me this weekend. The music of the credits part need to be quicker.


Thank you for watching!